Valant for Behavioral Health

August 31, 2011

Meaningful Use for Psychiatrists: The Importance of EHR Customer Support

I’ve talked elsewhere about how quality customer support can make a powerful EHR optimally usable. This is especially true for the features of an ONC Certified EHR that are required for demonstrating meaningful use. Your Account Manager (yes, you’ll need one of those to help you navigate meaningful use!) is going to be your best friend long before you receive your $18,000 check from CMS.

This is because it is your support Account Manager who will make what seemed daunting quite easy and intuitive. You may already be a whiz and be quite familiar with the 15 core measures and 10 menu measures, but you will likely still need help deciding which of the core measures psychiatrists might typically exclude and which 5 of 10 menu measures are the best ones for a psychiatrist. In addition, quality measures will seem overwhelming before your Account Manager works out a strategy with you for breezing through them.

It’s all easier than you think, but it helps to have an expert, who understands both meaningful use and the psychiatric private practice, to walk you through it. Such an expert might make the difference between getting incentive payments in 2011 or playing by Stage 2 rules in 2013.

Good luck with Meaningful Use! Please let me know how it’s going for you.