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May 4, 2017

Manage your schedule (as well as your reputation) with a growing mental health client base A private mental health practice holds many of the same issues other small businesses hold. While smaller organizations have more direct control over the quality of the customer experience, larger practices tend to have increased complication. Where it used to…
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July 27, 2016

A guide to determine the best billing model for your private practice. Efficient, cost-effective, and accurate billing is the backbone of a healthy behavioral health practice. As the owner of a private practice, you have to determine the most economical way to execute billing tasks. Below we break down three billing options to help you…
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October 9, 2015

Drafting a patient payment agreement and collecting fees is probably not your favorite part about running a behavioral healthcare practice, but it’s vital to your practice’s survival as a business. Clinicians often worry that business transactions with patients can interfere with their therapeutic alliance, while practice administrators know the clerical hassles of handling cash. Preparation…
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March 26, 2014

This webinar is Chapter One of our Practice Management Success series. Micah Adler, MBA, will be reviewing best practices and strategies for cash only practices, examining Insurance, Medicare and Medicaid, comparing in-house billing to out-sourcing, and explaining why one would pay for a clearinghouse. Objectives: Billing Strategies – it’s all about control! 7 Tips: Best…
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December 30, 2012

Fee agreements for your behavioral health care practice are critical because they help manage client expectations, offer protection for providers, and free up in the long run. Patient’s Expectation Patients need to make informed decisions about their clinical treatment – they need to (a) know the provider is able to meet their clinical needs and…
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August 7, 2011

There are some obvious thoughts about what it means to stay on top of your practice’s accounts receivable. At a very high level, this means having an understanding of revenue cycle management. The question is, how can you apply that concept to the effective administration of a psychiatric or behavioral healthcare practice? Here are some…
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