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Although behavioral healthcare providers receive exceptional clinical training, one of the most common comments therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists make is: “I never took a course in how to most effectively run my practice”. Valant Consulting is the intersection of best practices in business management and optimized workflows for behavioral healthcare. Our goal is to help you make sense of your practice and improve its efficiency, day-to-day management, and profitability. Mental Health is a unique field in healthcare, consulting services for behavioral health care need to reflect that.

Key Benefits


Orient providers to different business models and structures within behavioral healthcare. Allow the provider to both understand the structures that exist and make a decision about which model works for them based on their personal style, comfort, and goals.


Give providers the tools and resources to more easily make sense of data and information that is being presented to them. Allow for quicker and more informed decision making backed by quantitative data.


Help establish practice management muscle memory and increase providers’ confidence levels when making day-to-day decisions. Yield higher profit margins, lower liability, and sleep better at night.


Micah Adler is our Director of Practice Consultation with over 10 years of experience as a healthcare administrator at one of Seattle’s most innovative behavioral healthcare centers, the Evidence Based Treatment Centers of Seattle (EBTCS). As he helped expand EBTCS from a 4 provider practice into a practice with over 30 providers, he also picked up his MBA in Healthcare Administration from the University of Washington Medical Center and was recruited by Valant as one of the first employees in 2005. Through his work at Valant, Micah has provided both onsite and virtual practice management consulting to practices in almost every state in the U.S., in Canada, and the Republic of Korea. With his background in practice management, Micah is passionate about applying his understanding of healthcare administration with the day-to-day use of an EHR. Micah's main goal across the practices he has consulted is to help increase the value of healthcare services while helping practices become more effective and profitable. Micah currently splits his time between Valant Consulting and serving as the Chief Operating Officer at EBTCS.


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